Perth Farmers' Market

In the spring of 2017, The Perth Farmers’ Market was in the process of planning a celebration for their 25th year serving the local community. To mark this occasion, both the Farmers’ Market Board and the Town Council of Perth decided to commission the production of a commemorative flag. This flag would be raised above the Crystal Palace, where the market takes place each summer season, and remain there until the winter of 2018. 

I was tasked by the Farmers’ Market Board to develop a design for the 7-foot by 10-foot flag, which would illustrate the market’s achievement and maintain the town’s heritage design guidelines. The final design uses a simple color palette of green and white, which allows the flag to be easily read from the ground by market-goers and by standards. 

Project Details

  • May 2017

  • Branding, Print Production, Layout Design